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Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid Plastic roof coverings are now becoming widely used and recognised within the roofing industry. They provide a seamless solution for waterproofing and protecting roof structures and materials. These roof coatings will give long-term protection to a wide variety of roofing materials, including felt, asphalt, asbestos, cement and metal surfaces.

Because the roof coatings are liquid, they are completely seamless and when prepared and applied to the product’s instructions they are guaranteed to waterproof, protect and enhance most flat or pitched roofs.

We are specialists in the use of Applied Liquid Plastic Coatings and are approved and accredited contractors for Sika Liquid Plastics. Furthermore as approved contractors, London Roofing is able to offer a full Labour and Material Guarantee, ranging from 10 – 25 years.

Our extensive experience of working with liquid plastics enables us to help you choose the right seamless roof coating, sealing and preventing roof leaks and significantly extend your roof’s lifespan.

Roof Repairs

At Concept 3 we have been offering a high quality specialist roof repair service for most types of roof including flat roofs, slate and tile for over 10 years.

Our highly skilled tradesmen are able to investigate and pinpoint the cause of any water leak or roof defect and carry out the necessary repair works.

The common problems we encounter include slipped or broken slates, tiles and ridges, loose and defective cover flashings, blocked outlets and waterways – to mention but a few.

We will take photographs of the defects to share with you – so that you can see exactly what is required to repair your roof.


Roof Renewals

If your roof is reaching the end of its natural life, we can undertake a full replacement giving you a new one that will last for decades to come.

Our skilled tradesmen are highly trained and able to replace any existing and defective roof covering on both pitched and flat roof surfaces. These include slating, tiling, lead, liquid plastics (recommended for flat roofs), asphalt, felt, copper, zinc or turf (green roofs).

Unlike many other roofing companies, we can additionally carry out any associated construction remedial and replacement works - including timber, decking, insulation, chimney brickworks etc. All of this expertise is in-house, so we are a one-stop solution.

All new roofing works are supported by a 10 year guarantee.


Planned Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

This cost effective service has become increasingly popular with residential and commercial clients alike, who know that most insurance policies no longer cover the cost of water damage and remedial works caused by lack of maintenance, which can so easily be avoided.

The service includes the cleaning of nominated roof surfaces, moss removal, leaf removal and clearance of all other debris. We also ensure waterways and gullies are cleaned and cleared on a regular basis, which in turn allows proper water escape.

As roof surfaces are cleaned, we carefully check them and provide a detailed report of condition, providing clients with photographic evidence of any problems.

This ensures that any defects are picked up at an early stage and they therefore minimise the risk and cost of future repair works, both externally and internally.