The difficulty in the successful waterproofing of flat roofs lies in the weak spots on the roof, such as seams in the waterproofing membrane, and difficult to waterproof details such as upstands, outlets and penetrations. Problems can also occur when the waterproofing cannot accommodate fractional movement, which can result in splits and cracks, allowing water ingress. This is where WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing systems come into their own. Once applied, our systems create a seamless, fully bonded membrane that is permanently elastic, yet fully reinforced. Approved for use in ‘zero falls’ situations, WIDOPAN systems can accept continual ponding on the roof, without compromise to the waterproofing membrane. Cold applied and fast curing, WIDOPAN products ensure long-term waterproofing success for your flat roof.

Balconies, Terraces & Walkways

The waterproofing of balconies and terraces is essential to ensure protection of the building fabric below, or at the connection points of the structure. WIDOPAN can provide not only a secure, strong and long term waterproofing solution, but also a full, self-levelling system complete with trafficable, slip resistant and decorative finishes. Due to the extremely fast curing times of our balcony products, WIDOPAN is the first choice of architects and builders when refurbishing occupied buildings. Complete renovation of a balcony or terrace, from waterproofing to finished surface is achievable in one day, ensuring a quality, long term solution with minimal disruption to occupants.



Connections to upstands, fixtures and rising structural components represent the biggest failure points and weak areas of waterproofing. Traditional waterproofing materials frequently reach their limits here, leading to water ingress. WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing systems have proven to be the perfect solution to these problems. Simple and quick waterproofing of all detail work and connections, regardless of how complex, is achieved with our flexible, self-terminating products, combined with the reinforcement of our polyester woven fleece. Adhesion to practically all materials is possible, and the creation of a seamless, monolithic waterproof membrane ensures no weak points at the detail connections.

Car Parks

Waterproofing for car parks, or for traffic surfaces in general, presents special challenges for the materials used. Along with influences from the weather, there is the additional mechanical load from vehicle traffic and influence from oil, de-icing salt and other chemicals. Also, all joints and connections have to be integrated homogeneously into the waterproofed surface.

WIDOPAN can provide solutions to all these problems, with reinforced, hard wearing and chemical resistant systems suitable for car parks, ramp and bridges. WIDOPAN also offer solutions that ensure smooth, noiseless transition of structural floor joints.

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