New Build

Tough, durable and self-flashing, KEMPEROL® fully bonds to virually any building substrate and is flexible enough to accommodate the thermal movement of today’s commonly used materials.  Applied direct to the substrate it provides the ideal base layer waterproofing for inverted roof systems.

Terraces and Podiums

KEMPEROL® materials are widely used
to waterproof and surface podium
decks, terraces, walkways and car
parks - demonstrating their exceptional
versatility, durability and reliability.

Warm Roofs

STRATEX is our integrated warm
roof system. Comprising a vapour barrier, insulation and KEMPEROL®
waterproofing. It will accommodate
maintenance foot traffic and can be
finished with KEMPERDUR® surfacing or decorative landscaping materials where more frequent foot traffic is expected.


Easily applied, KEMPEROL® is a reliable,
long term solution to failed roofs. And
because it bonds directly to existing
materials, costly removal and disposal to landfill is avoided. The option of solventfree, odourless KEMPEROL® 2K-PUR ensures minimal disruption to building occupants.

Pitched and Metal Roofs

KEMPEROL® can be used on profiled
metal, including standing seam roofs.
A reliable and cost effective repair for
metal, copper or lead, it forms a fully
bonded waterproofing membrane that
cures leaks, seals laps and fixings and
rejuvenates the appearance.

Green Roofs

KEMPERGRO® brings together a unique combination of recycled, renewable and sustainable components to provide a complete waterproof roofing and green roof system with a single source specification in which KEMPEROL® provides the root resistant waterproofing element.


Penetrations and upstands are easily
waterproofed in situ, becoming an
integral part of the roof membrane
without the need for any additional
mechanical or adhesive fixings.

Valley and Finlock Gutters

KEMPEROL® is ideal for repairing leaking valley and finlock gutters, forming a seamless membrane along the entire length of the channel that seals joints, fixings and penetrations. Outlets are easily waterproofed and incorporated into the seamless  membrane. And being flexible it will also accommodate thermal or structural movement.

Parking and Stairways

For trafficked applications, including
both parking areas and stairways,
KEMPERDUR® surfacing can be applied
either direct to the substrate or onto a
KEMPEROL® waterproof membrane; and supplied in a range of anti-slip finishes.  KEMPEROL® can also be overlayed by Bitmac and poured asphalt up to +250oC.


KEMPERDUR® surfacing can be applied
onto a KEMPEROL® waterproofing
membrane, giving a highly durable,
slip-resistant finish for balconies and
walkways. Hard landscaping materials
can also be applied, including bedded
tile, paving slabs and decking.

Internal Rooms

Internal wet rooms, saunas, plant
rooms or bunded areas can be fully
waterproofed with KEMPEROL® and
can be surfaced in a range of finishes or materials. KEMPEROL® 2K-PUR and KEMPEROL® 022 are solvent-free and odourless, so can be applied without disruption to occupants or other trades working on-site.

Water Features

The integrity and performance of
KEMPEROL® waterproofing materials,
even in permanently immersed
conditions, is highlighted by its suitability for lining water features and fountains.

  • Ideal for all new build, repair or refurbishment projects

  • Flat roofs, balconies, terraces, walkways and podiums

  • Complex detailing, up-stands, penetrations and terminations

  • Fountains and water features

  • Wind turbine posts

  • Warm roofs, cold roofs, and inverted warm roofs

  • Green roofs, brown roofs and living walls

  • Internal plant rooms and wet rooms

  • Heritage properties and lead replacement

  • Waterproofing finlock gutters, valley gutters and drainage channels

  • Waterproofing profiled metal roofs

  • Overlaying virtually any failed roofing systems e.g. asphalt, mineral felt, single ply, liquid systems.

Liquid waterproofing is the process of making a surface or object water resistant in given conditions by applying a liquid coating to it. The liquid coatings, whether single-or multiple-component, are easy to apply and provide long lasting protection to metals, wood, concrete and other surfaces.

Cold-applied Roofing and Waterproofing Strategies. ... Briefly defined, cold-applied systems are waterproofing or roofing applications that utilize a cold adhesive (solvent-based or water-based) in the adherence or fusion of the felt.

A cold liquid coating cures to form a rubber-like elastomeric waterproof membrane. It’s capable of stretching and returning to its original shape without damage and proves a cost-effective method of making a new or existing roof waterproof. Bauder Cold Liquid Applied Systems are based on the most advanced PMMA technology, which allows exceptionally fast installation curing times compared to other systems available. They are simple to install and long lasting; making them suitable for use in all kinds of flat roof, balcony, walkway, and terrace waterproofing and surfacing applications.

Cold applied liquid waterproofing systems are one of the fastest growing sectors in the roofing industry, with products at the forefront of waterproofing technology. Whether for new construction or refurbishment projects, there are system solutions that can be used for roofs, balconies & terraces, car parks, podiums and many other areas of structural waterproofing. In particular, WIDOPAN waterproofing systems using unsaturated polyester resins, polyurethanes and methyl methacrylates with fleece, fabric or fibre reinforcements stand out from the majority of liquid systems offered.


Some of the benefits of using WIDOPAN liquid waterproofing systems include;

  • Ease of application – ‘Wet on Wet’ system can be applied with a brush or roller

  • Cold applied – Does not involve hot works

  • Fully bonded, monolithic system

  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates

  • Application possible at deck temperatures as low as -5˚C

  • Self-terminating – often no need for mechanical fixings

  • Vapour permeable

  • Strong & flexible, reinforced systems

  • UV stable

  • Controlled curing times

  • Options for Solvent & Odour free systems

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