Liquid waterproofing systems

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KEMPER SYSTEM UK are specialists in providing liquid roofing systems and waterproofing systems for the long-term protection of roofs, buildings, balconies, terraces, walkways, carparks and critical structures.

KEMPEROL® is the ideal liquid waterproofing membrane for new build or flat roof refurbishment, and as the waterproofing for warm roofs, inverted roofs and green roof systems.

leading cold liquid applied flat roof and waterproofing system

complete resin-based liquid waterproofing system.

Applied wet-on-wet, 

This offers distinct advantages over partially bonded, layered liquid, sheet membrane, or hot-applied materials.

The key to the exceptional performance of KEMPEROL® waterproofing membranes is the technically superior resin formulation. This is the result of decades of research, chemical engineering and development by a company whose resources are 100% focused on providing liquid waterproofing and surfacing solutions.

New build, flat roof repair and refurbishment

Whether new build, full flat roof refurbishment or repair, in cold, warm or inverted roof applications, we are able to offer reliable long term protection that you can specify with complete confidence - whatever the substrate or application.

The waterproofing components - one or two part resins - saturate a polyester reinforcement fleece which is immensely strong yet flexible, durable and tear-resistant.


ideal roofing membrane for flat roof refurbishment, flat roof repair or replacement, and as the waterproofing for balconies and walkways, warm roofs, inverted roofs and green roof systems.


waterproof a balcony, walkway or terrace in just one day